BattleClinic Quick Guide to Galaxy Online Part 2

Watch this quick vid to learn how to get your first ships built and try to win quest number 1. Get your free copy here: Galaxy Online is a free-to-play spacefaring MMO. It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and gives you both PVE and PVP action. The graphics are on the simple side which means you don’t need a massive computer to play it. Just download it, launch it, and get ready for fun.

Recorded 4/9/2012 Hosted by: ChaosD1 of MMO Grinder MegaGWolf of The GView TWBfromTDOB Tyger of MUD2MMO Intro Music by Kevin MacLeod of Royalty Free Music A late episode this week recapping the past week’s MMO news. Highlights include The Secret World pre-order information, another Old Republic free trial weekend, Guild Wars 2 squads, and Warcraft LEGOS… sort of. All this plus a few game updates and releases. E-mail:

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