Basic Cheap Frigates For Noobs Episode #1

link to video —- Generals Notes – Hi guy’s, thought I would try and do something constructive on my channel for once so I’ve enlisted the help of 2 of the oldest noobs in RvB to try and make fitting a little easier for us new noobs!! This first video covers 2 really basic low isk low skill fits for the Incursus and the Punisher. The fits are by no means the only way to fit a frigate when your new to PvP and RvB but in our opinion they are the most isk and skill friendly :-)

Due to Wartime SOP sometimes you need to test myths. Oooo look 1080p =o

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3 Responses to “Basic Cheap Frigates For Noobs Episode #1”

  • Lockey69 says:

    lol i still have them saved on my HD, they’ll be put on my next big solo montage :) I gave the kronos away in the end though cause it wasnt gona get a good fight, reds just wanted to mega blob it :( but still some other stuff, hawk, sleipner, few ishtars and shiney comets etc to see go boom

  • BigSloth61 says:

    When are the fights from the 5 billion isk project going up been waiting for months man.

  • KensCrazyGaming says:

    Thinking about doing this… thanks for the video my friend

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