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Badger mark II Safest industrial ship… Video presents the tests of the Badger mark II with my passive shield tank. HI: Random Turret Weapon, E5 Prototype Energy Vampire MED: 1x Invulnerability field t2, 3x Medium Shield Extenders t2, 2x Shield Rechargers t2 LOW: 3x Shield Power Relays t2 RIG: 2x Core Defence Field Purger, 1x Core Defence Field Extender 5103 Shield – 95 sec. recharge rate You can get more shield (my skill for shield capacity is at lvl IV) Testing the tank with a… Kronos :P 1 Turret, 2 Turrets, 3 Turrets, and that’s all badgy can take. I recomend small blaster hybrid turret as a weapon (antimater charge S).

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Fly by of a carrier in EVE Online

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