Autographed EVE ship model sweepstakes

Enter to win the Megathron EVE ship model that has been autographed by the dev team!

Eve Online: Zealot takedown by my Megathron PVP Playing around on the test server I was flying my megathron and caught myself a zealot includes explosion its the trial version of fraps, I started recording the fight late. Fraps only records for 30 seconds… So it auto quit. I had to turn it on again to catch the pop. Notice the video is 30 + 4 seconds long -Dasfry Check out my Military Tactics Page

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  • FurryKing19 says:

    go to hell eve online rules btw raven valdari battle ship I am caldari ingame magthron gallenty batle ship caldari and gallenty are in back story and sort of present day are sworn enymies

  • izone22 says:

    Just would like to see the details on the ship, thats all. :)

  • SilentKillayou says:


  • Docthewrench says:

    not for botters and isk sellers He makes good money off his bots lol

  • XxInterventionMw2xX says:

    eve online…baaaaad mmo

  • daydream91 says:

    Awesome! hope i win this :D

  • beedubs says:

    5 bucks for both.

  • maverickslife says:

    Love your videos, the camera quality, the sweepstakes, the awesome, informing,and funny interviews. Keep up the amazing work!

  • OwnedIRLK says:

    To be even more specific: About $3,000 new.

  • dabone7 says:

    SWEET!!! congratulation you are the 100,000th troll on you tube gz man…

  • markeedragon says:

    @dabone7, To answer in order. Canon 5D Mark II with a 24 to 105mm L series lens.

    Lots. :)

  • markeedragon says:

    @izone22, Well the ship should be out of focus. It’s right in front of the camera. :) It’s the cheap lenses that have everything in focus.

  • izone22 says:

    Hmmm out of focus…

  • KamilWow says:

    lol, congratulations, you are 100,000th person who asked this question.

  • dabone7 says:

    what camara are you useing and how much did it cost because thats a nice camra

  • notphatmageWins says:


  • jleack says:

    I’m in! EVE Online rocks!

  • eviljetty says:


  • 0Denkal0 says:


  • h3avysoundz says:


  • MercifiesProductions says:

    first comment!!!!

  • Ultimabong says:

    Very unimpressive. Who posts sisi kills on youtube? Whats even more unimpressive is the fact that said zealot was scrabbed/webbed to shit way before you got in range, how can you honestly say “I caught my self a zealot” when you didn’t do the catching at all?

  • 1993futuremarine says:

    still. cruiser hull killed by battleship

  • dareapa1 says:

    that battleship shouldnt have had a hope of taking down a T2 cruiser, the zealot pilot obviously had no idea what the hell he was doing

  • ChineseSweatShoppe says:

    shit, the zealot should have wtfpwned the mega

  • 1993futuremarine says:

    man you feel special taking down a T2 cruiser in a Battleship huh?

  • themunster says:

    Yeah true, the zealot can’t take many hits.

    I used to use one close range though, back before it got the extra turret, it was a very good HAC/AF/BC killer, the only thing that could get away routinely was a vaga/jag. This was before the days of command ships though, wouldn’t want to get caught out by a Astarte in a zealot…as an Astarte pilot I know I couldn’t win :)

  • SargentandGreenLeaf says:

    1. yes, the zealot pilot is a tard, let himself get locked down
    2. the zealot is a fleet sniper ship, not solo, and should definitely not have a warp disruptor or the such, or any reason to get closer than40km

    3. the zealot pilot should of warped out at 15% shields, because you dont tank a zealot whatsoever, except a large shield extender(and now the flaming can begin, but check battleclinic before you run your mouth)

  • ancient593 says:

    lol it’s the test server, not the real one lol. SOme people just die for fun lol

  • LukeEvans55 says:

    i agree with the munster here, shit zealot pilot with no DPS. If he’s getting shot too bad, all he needs to do is go point blanc and you wont hit shit.

  • themunster says:

    dumb ass zealot pilot, hes got zero transversal then he fly’s straight at you. By the look of your shields when hes shooting hes got a bad low damage setup on. 30 seconds of combat and he still hasn’t got your shields off? The guy either doesn’t know what hes doing or he let you kill him.

  • rfry says:

    its trial version of fraps, i started recording late… only records for 30 seconds… so it auto quit… i had to turn it on again to catch the pop. Notice the video is 30 + 4 seconds long

  • mouthlock says:

    He was in armor when you arrived, weird cut at the end… GJ, but complete vid or I’m calling shenanigans ;)

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