Attacked For Being a Gamer! Colleen Lachowicz Democrat Candidate Maine State Senate

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25 Responses to “Attacked For Being a Gamer! Colleen Lachowicz Democrat Candidate Maine State Senate”

  • Versulas says:

    Is it ridiculously stupid to take the comments she makes in and about WoW literally? Sure… but really, this is no different than employers checking your facebook and than judging you by it.

    If she didn’t want dumbasses to critique her personal life, she shouldn’t have brought it to the public’s attention.

  • Brad Dollahite says:

    yes its fair to attack republicans because thats what they do LOL

  • 99Osen says:

    And is it fair to attack republicans? Wanting to constantly raise taxes on the middle class, wanting to turn medicare into a voucher program, wanting to make women have babies from someone raped them, and taking away people’s right to vote. So thats all fair game too right. And if you knew anything about democrats its not a irrational fear of guns. Its a fear of what a guy can do with a gun that fire round after round into a crowd and only need to stop to reload. Thinking before speaking helps.

  • Sadclown Baddub says:

    in a game, amongst family members, amongst friends, amongst aquaintences, we talk in different ways in all of those groups. you might even use some jargon with co-workings or buddies in a videogame that your other social groups wouldn’t even understand. on a side note, judging by her gear (something that most people in wow are eager to upgrade and work on), she could have well not played in over a year. Of course someone who isn’t into wow would not know this.

  • PhunknA says:

    Well one thing that could be done, if the boys in the bubble have such an issue with gamers and their game slang… Would be to require full disclosure of their digital lives, if they wish to acquire or do currently hold public office. I imagine the people responsible for that website against her are involved in much more shady dealings online than WoW. As if that would ever happen, but hey ….fight fire with fire. Hope they can spoon up what they’re dishing out, cuz we all know it’ll happen

  • Yoel Garcia says:

    This country is ALMOST perfect…

  • hotpixels1 says:

    Markee Dragon’s Lair

  • dj942009 says:

    she should just fight back using the fact that the other party making fun of her isn’t intelligent enough and not well-read enough to play a game that requires an extensive amount of reading, or her PR person should be able to help her out, if not time to find a new one.

  • SteroidsAreStupid says:

    If you’re not happy, just get the fuck out of his videos. Btw I don’t see how he looks stupid.

  • Danny Steven says:

    In my opinion, unless it becomes apparent that your gaming culture/habits are having an evident negative impact on your occupation/job then there is absolutely no reason that this should be held against you. Even if you are playing an excessive amount of hours in addition to your occupation, if your still keeping a high standard, then there should be no problem. That’s my opinion anyway as a studious British public school student who plays WoW.

  • Kalthazyr says:

    To answer your question from around 4:40, based on my knowledge of Human Resources and EOE practices, gamers are not a protected class. Basically, in order to be discriminated against, you have to be a member of a protected class, e.g. people over 40, members of an ethnic minority, etc. These protected classes are outlined in federal and state law, and currently as far as I know hobbies (i.e. gaming) are not covered by any legislation.

  • bigspook999 says:

    Put a hat back on, you look so stupid

  • Tim Nash says:

    keep up the good work!!!

  • Loveformusic1337 says:

    Thank you very much for your time :) Love your vids :) watching them daily :p

  • wallsh2u says:

    haha xD

  • Jayfishial says:

    This is crazy O:

  • Bradley Dalton says:

    Didnt even realise i did that lol.

  • Sparro Sereg'Rochben says:

    if you play any game for any amount of your spare time, and you enjoy it you would probably be considered a gamer imo

  • Sparro Sereg'Rochben says:

    people gonna hate me or laugh, in the real world I’m a male maintenance cleaner,, in my “real life” I’m a 23 yr old huntress (race changes depending on the game or my GF’s fancy) and my GF, a wonderful woman and volunteer animal carer, who happens to be a male warrior, all I’m saying is what goes on in one world should not be carried on into the other by you or anyone else, yes I feel that if I was singled out for my actions in a game for a real world interview it would be discrimination but eh

  • Vanetus says:

    Hey Marcus!
    Does it make me a gamer to play world of warcraft, two hours a day, every second day?
    Cheers from a satisfied viewer!

  • hommeboy85 says:

    Clearly, the answer is for we, as gamers, to create our own political organization outside of the Republicans/Democrats. We could call it the LAN Party.

  • LordMaxwellx says:

    I think this attack will have more of a positive affect in her favor……Like me I would be inclined to vote for her just for the fact she’s a gamer :)

  • mouhaahaahaa says:

    Thanks for supporting me man. Dude, how blazed are you? I said it was a drug.. silly stoner. The guy I answered thought it wasn’t a drug.

  • wallsh2u says:

    no pun intended?

  • tullius43 says:

    It’s fair game. If her alter ego was to go gambling habitually then it would be fair game too. She should have tried harder to protect that identity or at least spin it in a positive light.

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