Armada Online Combat!

Showing off Armada Online, a free space mmorpg game in Pre-Alpha stage(so don’t get too excited) which looks like it play really well and the control is nice and easy. Hold down right mouse button and move the cursor around to dodge just like I did(you have to have it held down). Mine crystal to replace energy(used for the missile and the laser beam) Get it here UPDATE: This is an old video, the game has progressed a lot since then and has a lot more players, and there are more interesting ‘zones’ in the game.

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  • sdneh says:

    i just hit lvl 25 and got my t3 ship!!!

  • goriant231 says:

    wich lvl are u johnanth

  • johnanth says:

    URGH. Did you look at my profile? No, my name is not John, Jonathan (which you misspelt yourself by the way), and has little to do with that name except for the way it sounds and that John would be a loose translation of my name, for my name is a Christian name. But it is not quite “John”.

    Either you are a terrible troll, or a retard yourself.
    O.K.? Problem solved?

  • RandomWOWhuntard says:

    haha you cant even spell johnathan!! retard!!!

  • Zeta368peep says:

    Its stratigic and Very versitile its a all independent kill or be killed
    Do what you have to do to stay alive try and trick your enemy

  • reka10 says:

    yeah. to those haters out there this isnt a bad game its like DotA only in space.

  • vehiron1 says:

    He was just saying his opinion on this -.-
    If he thinks it sucks, then let him be, and don’t go crying about it like a 10 year old

  • niknak1830 says:

    looks boring

  • mark123pl says:

    lol u replayed to my VERY old comment,i have stoped playing this months ago, now im on my iphone

  • kersai says:

    You can’t compare a Space rpg to a Space Arcade Shooter lol

  • StarTrekLuver says:

    No offense but in my opinion, this game isn’t very good, even if a few things were to improve (noting that it is in pre-alpha) it would still be pretty horrible. I have played Eve for about a year now and yes, some of the elements are hard to understand, but that weeds out the annoying little 12 year olds who inhabit WoW. Eve mainly has a very mature community, but it isn’t perfect, but no game is. The main achievement in Eve is to understand it, ( which isnt very hard).

  • brandonjamesbarnes says:

    why would we waste time spelling on the internet? There are almost no rules here. We can spell in school and work but why spell here? Change isn’t neccesary.

  • johnanth says:

    Please do make a difference, then. Change is not bad, you know.

  • brandonjamesbarnes says:

    actually noone spells on the internet. thats a phail come back. Don;t say it again.

  • SuperColossal33 says:

    eve can be free if you don’t suck (you can buy your monthly time in game)

    and most people are 12 years old and dont care about paying $10 for something they spend a lot of time doing throughout a month.

  • Zeta368peep says:

    Now hang on We dont have to study in it actualy its really fun among the long trips plus didnt you ever watch the butterfly trailor my friend who is really new to eve and this happens very commenly fount a Crate and it had a item in there that was woth 5 times a titan didnt know what it was but its a very rare item and i have about 5 or 6 friends who play eve and they became very lucky in it the first like 5 days of it
    so it really doesnt matter in the game becuase your always lucky.

  • Zeta368peep says:

    Thank you jow3st

  • johnanth says:

    Thing is though, do you really find fucking having to take business studies to play a game FUN? As far as I know, EVE is all long trips among planets and graphs and charts. Not my idea of fun.

  • jow3st says:

    $15 a month isn’t a lot. That’s 2 hours of minimum wage.

  • Zeta368peep says:

    On eve online if you make 300 million isk you can pay the feed and if you get into a good corporation like a mineing corporation that sounds harmless you can actualy make Tons of isk like 800 Million in eve online when you get a really good ship with a good input and output
    so it only costs alot of money until you get to that point

  • johnanth says:

    O.K., you don’t have to be an arsehole you know… and learn to spell you incompetent prick. You need to give a reason why it sucks you know or people ain’t gonna listen to you, so don’t be a 10 year old.

  • tzydpro says:

    u gotta be kiddin me…this sux..=/

  • johnanth says:

    1. EVE Online costs a shitload of money.
    2. Armada Online is VERY far from complete.
    3. Armada Online is free!


  • conflictsoul says:

    Armada for dreamcast is better, i have it.

  • mark123pl says:

    EVE Online is better

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