Advanced tutorial and tips for Planetary Interaction Part 2

Giving some tips and advices on how to optimize your production in planetary management.

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10 Responses to “Advanced tutorial and tips for Planetary Interaction Part 2”

  • Enryoki says:

    t..two.. tree thousands… m.. micro .. orgasms

  • Enryoki says:


  • Bobby Cartwright says:

    3:47 dont Get tooo attached to that building im gonna blow it up in about a month or so ;)

  • rameyonwheels says:

    It’s Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

  • warstarwar2 says:

    how do you put the power stations like that and it works too. But the my factors re all spread over my planet that is substantial for life and other things. but also, the planet has a south pole cap, and it is the biggest rock maternal on the planet.

  • davelantor says:

    come on .. you can clearly hear the ‘n’ … i think you have a dirty mind :P .. nice idea … should petition CCP … could be a new kind of narcotics.

  • widevr says:

    3:34 micro orgasms, huh?

  • VernnMiller says:

    HOMEWORLD MUSIC!!! <3 Also good info thanks for the upload.

  • davelantor says:

    if you watch my latest tutorial video you will notice exactly what you pointed out ;)

    As for defending this design, I like to have everything in one place … dont want o battle between multiple different material to find the one i want. Does it lower the production ? .. yes, does it have a solution .. yep .. instead of starport, i used CC instead, allows me to save power grid, and still i get to keep things separate :)

  • mackeguitar says:

    why u using storage in middle when u could have the spaceport to just take it all, u need to redo your knowldge a bit before putting it on youtube……

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