A Clash of Titans: World of Warcraft vs Eve Online (1/3)

This is my comparison of the two greatest mmo’s; World of Warcraft and EvE Online. Enjoy :) *Note this review has been done June 2010, game versions used: WoW-Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.3. and Eve Online –Tyrannis.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “A Clash of Titans: World of Warcraft vs Eve Online (1/3)”

  • swebuilder says:

    Hard learning curve = Idiot filter :3

  • iDarkMadness says:

    -NONE- Of this matters, it’s all about opinion, all though I love these vids they are pretty pointless and are causing arguments.

    -insert witty comeback here-

  • Nightmeare says:

    @Trolozaur I think Chewbacka and Jar Jar are straight from the looney tunes :) )

  • Trolozaur says:

    to compare eve with wow, it;s like comparing star wars with looney tunes

  • mythicXxpurexX says:

    a titan can nuke wow and get a shit lode of multi kills and piss some people off lol :p

  • Nightmeare says:

    @undo4peace Not only do i have no clue what a mmo is, i have no clues about games whatsoever :)

  • undo4peace says:

    what about the depth of the game and instancing and sharding? the biggest and the winpoints for eve online, u forgot them.. lol u have no clue what mmo is about. its long time motivation and eve has it…. every wow player i met in eve told me wow is boring and dumb.

  • BiggestTwoNoobs says:

    wow is to simple for me

  • Nightmeare says:

    @bingobeawr You have a volume button…use it :)

  • bingobeawr says:

    I hate the voice

  • bgarthable says:

    you can tell he has never really played EVE.. “storyline is, well, sufficient”. i think you will find it has a much larger and more in depth storyline than wow.

  • Executus300 says:

    Comparing these two games is ridiculous. They’re both MMO’s, and that is where the similarities end.

  • Lokivoid says:

    considering your calling them the two greatest mmo’s the only way to account to a games success is its subscription numbers (it is a business after all and pimary park of success is income) in this account eve online is not even within second place, This is why CCP made all the anti RMT countermessures than followed up with announceing there implamenting there own RMT’s (AURUM, the devblog on “Monetizing 3rd Party Apps” is also a good example) a sign of insuffient income.

  • NinjatoBlade says:

    WoW was one small step for man, Eve was one giant leap for mankind.

  • XXFailzzzXX says:

    @AGrandt wow isn’t small eve is just well theres no real word to describe it so i’ll make one up superg1ganthugebiggerthanjesus

  • Nightmeare says:

    @ZombieCore16 You can make a video of yours and i will gladly link it to mine :)

  • ZombieCore16 says:

    @Nightmeare Well fine. Sorry for the rampage. Your words just don’t match your actions. You can agree to EvE players that WoW’s stuff is shit, but you can’t support WoW players getting hated on all the time. Theres a comment saying “EvE is the best” that you just left alone. All the comments getting thumbs up are one-sighted EvE online players attacking WoW

  • Nightmeare says:

    @ZombieCore16 Mate, i quited WoW and then i quited Eve.You can look, when someone said in the comment i like WoW i said we all got our opinions,i never bashed them, however i will attack if the premise is false.My best friend saw my top and he is a WoW fan and said in his view WoW should have won, i agreed that is his opinion and thats it.All you need to do is chill and play whatever game you like best.
    WoW is bashed because it’s the most popular if GW was on first place it will also get bashed.

  • ZombieCore16 says:

    @Nightmeare You support your own game. You quit WoW. The one guy that says WoW is better, you reply to it. It goes to the top of the list so it gets a mass hate attack and 10 thumbs down. But when someone says “EvE is the best!”, you leave it alone. Its bad enough that WoW gets attacked from Rift, guild wars 2 and older MMO’s. All we need is another guy like you to shovel more shit on us.
    I want you to leave Titan alone, don’t just play it so that you can say EVE WINS

  • Nightmeare says:

    @ZombieCore16 I do not support my own game, i enjoyed both, thats why i played both.I would gladly bash Blizzard for so many reasons but they have made an awesome game.I wasnt playing wow but when Cataclysm came i bought it and tried it im not some eve fan, i enjoy games.We each have our opinions and i stressed that in the end, if you love WoW more , fine, if you like Eve more, fine , Lotro,Aion,Rift more , fine again, whatever your choice is its fine by me, but this was my take on it.

  • ZombieCore16 says:

    @Nightmeare This whole thing is ‘childish’ anyways. All comments are ‘childish’. It’s nice how you only “mentioned” one of the biggest end game content of the whole game. I’ll meet you on one of the next most ‘childish’ comparing video of Titan vs EvE online just so you can support your own game and smile at all the comments bashing Blizzard games.

  • Nightmeare says:

    @ZombieCore16 Dude i tried to keep it short and compressed but i could talk hours about the game… and please stop with childish insults.

  • ZombieCore16 says:

    @Nightmeare When he says end game content, that includes WoW’s most strategic pvp arena, you jerk.

  • Nightmeare says:

    @MultiBlue001 I listen to the soundtrack :) anyways follow the other 2 parts as i compare what you said in those.

  • MultiBlue001 says:

    Instead of comparing the soundtrack (which no1 listens to) and the tutorial which people play for an hour max, do a comparison of end game stuff thats what matters! thats what people spend time doing PVP or PVE. Anyway ive played both, and IN MY OPINION EVE is much better coz its evolving changing and new stuff is being added whereas wow same crap over and over again.

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