3 Years Eve Territorial Maps In fast forward

Eve 0.0 politics of the past 3+ years or 1150 days, using Verite’s Automated EVE Influence Map

Video Rating: 4 / 5

EVE Fanfest 2011: Captains Quarters. Take a look behind the scenes at the upcoming Captains Quarters. Soundtrack Credits: Pavilion – “Recovery” soundcloud.com

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  • TheVanGastel says:

    it happens that eve some have power other give up of fighting for so long and the taking a break by let them sell or destroy it. To get a empire run its allot of work how bigger it gets how more your headick will start to support everything. And dont forget fraud is allowd in eve so in short way. Some bad ass fucking can easly rune your hard work. Thats happend to BD. But life contineu “one shall stand one shall fall”daily base of work in eve.

  • Vampyre1984 says:

    Anybody know the track at 3:40 ?

  • DerekShiller says:

    The story of a universe right here. And they said video games never amounted to anything.

  • gamerx112 says:

    I wanna see this on a hex view

  • SteaIthyMuffin says:

    Fighting for the AAA when Dust 514 gets here.

  • MrMadisun says:

    So what happens to goon swarm after they took control?

  • Maniacjustcause2 says:

    the blank in the middle looks like a dog, CPT.Obvious out

  • ArmedPhyco says:

    Makes me wanna play again. Great time lapse.

  • bigbill142 says:

    some of these empires spread like cancer!

  • GoD1014 says:


  • McMuffin113 says:

    Kind of sad to think that all these alliances that years/months to develop then to be wiped out forever!

  • DheeradjS says:

    Goonswarm dissapears from the map? Took me a moment to remember Remidal >.>

  • TolSatha says:

    3:33 I loled when BoB just dissapeared off the map ^.^
    I dont ussualy support goons, but what they did to BoB was just plain awesome

  • Azzidos says:

    what is the name of the second song ?

  • sarahts21 says:

    Any update on this project? Just curious.

  • Spartan007George says:

    1:38 lower left corner HOLY SHIT

  • Clone683 says:

    what alliance were you in?

  • Clone683 says:

    Goonswarm destroyed Band of Brothers!!

    Arent they a alliance called IT now?

  • KrazyKommieKiller says:

    It hurts me to see that my entire null-sec career amount to nothing more than a little spot changing color for about 20 seconds…

  • LupusHonorius says:

    When the lines are redrawn even a micrometer on that map, it means thousands of ships blew up. The awe inspiring scale of the game is without peers. Thanks for the vid.

  • Zayrek says:

    thanks for doing so, Im a new guy in EVE (started Nov 2010) and I wanted to see how has the null sec evolved through the years. I’m also waiting for an update. Keep it up!

  • grash2 says:

    i am making the new version as we speak, widescreen unfortunatly is not an option as the eve map is on a 4:3 scale, i ll see though if i can manage to strecth it with out disordering the final result

  • Reichiruu says:

    How about an 2011 update and a widescreen version! ?? :P

  • iamsioth says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW, this brings back memories. Retraced my entire corp history in this video, The fall of Fountain to PL, all the max campaigns, Scorched Earths dumbass decision to backstab TCF, the fall of both BOB, and GOONS in the same way lol, their rebuilding, WI loosing all of Gemi, then bounching back, just a few of the things that come back to me watching this vid. Nice one.

  • terribletai says:

    how about an update to xmas 2011?

  • 1000byte says:

    Nice voice!

  • arakhnist says:

    no they shouldn’t. who would want to hear little girls bitching over nothing? i feel sorry for those people too, but explaining things that aren’t wrong to begin with just makes them bitch more.

  • arakhnist says:

    bitchy whining over nothing… Life 101 for you my friend.

  • muxonarization says:

    say pod again :D

  • j5689 says:

    Or public speaking at all

  • tjsupernova says:

    he isn’t a spokesman if you’d pay attention, he is a dev, and he is just simply doing the talking for his group of dev’s so chill the F… out guys!!! and by the way anything eve does is awesome and were lucky we have it so shut it…

  • tjsupernova says:

    he isn’t a spokesman if you’d pay attention, he is a dev, and he is just simply doing the talking for his group of dev’s so chill the F… out guys!!!

  • oblivionps3fan says:

    is this inside or outside of the ship?

  • ododidit says:

    i maybe missed it as i skipped a lot of the ummmmm er ummmmm video, but what is the point of this Captains Quarters!

  • Baleur says:

    Oh no, deffered rendering.. Does that mean that anti-aliasing will be borked and half-assed like in so many other games? (cough, shogun 2, the unreal engine 3, cough)

  • NielsShoe says:

    June 21st 

  • ytsjedi says:

    looks nice, ultimately pointless though. like cheryl cole.

  • Casadien says:

    June 2011

  • drmurda says:

    ROFL,…. this guy shouldint be a spoksmen…..

  • assaulth3ro911 says:

    Who else was almost about to leave because of the “UHHHHH” and couldn’t put the volume high enough to hear him because of his “UHHHHH” and….. he’s talking too fast so it is a REQUIREMENT for it to be louder, WTF?!?!!? AHHHHHH I JUST HEARD ANOTHER UHHHHHH!!!

  • TheTruBluRage says:

    I was fantasizing about that the entire time…

  • shoesfx says:

    9:30 you wish hahaha!

  • wtfmaker says:


  • Alexander Salyer says:

    That’s the problem with most video game designers and programmers. They are used to working with machines, not talking to people. :P 

  • Coolgerb says:

    Holy crap, that would be awesome.

  • Perfectionist1980 says:

    Enough players will not pay to play same quests over and over, word for word, scenery for scenery (even though different agents, different locations).

    Declining makes it less of a problem but when you lower standing as your trying to get it up it with an agent makes it much worse and theres too many duplicates to make the standing positive over negative.

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