3 Frigates Vs Raven – Eve Online PvP (Battleship Owned)

Me and my corp mates were testing noob ships out in jita when we warp onto a random planet and find a raven hanging out. I do the first thing that comes to mind and bump him. He targets, I target, he drops a can, I drop a can… just a bit of harmless fun. Until he takes the bait. While my corp mates stayed and watched I grabbed the biggest ship I had at the time (an Atron) and engaged. Before I started recording he let us hit on him for awhile until he realized we might be a threat, he unleashed drones which we destroyed. Then I started FRAPS. Before long he got fed up of us hitting on him and popped me. We disengaged thinking that was that… I fitted a Ishkur just in case and lo and behold he hadn’t moved… He wasn’t getting away this time. eve.battleclinic.com Songs: Yoshida Brothers – Storm Apocalyptica – Stroke If you’d like to try eve for 21 days then give me a message here on youtube with an email address and I’ll send along an invite asap

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