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Harbinger Attacks a Gate Camp in Faction Warfare, Eve Online PvP

Swatyy returns from Pure Blind to the frontlines with the Amarr Milita after resigning from Gunship Diplomacy and joining PIE Inc. This combat log details an attack a gate camp in Dal. His enemies needed to see a demonstration of power, and he gave them one. Swatyy killed a Muninn heavy assault cruiser, two destroyers, a cruiser and drove off a battlecruiser. The Minmatar were schooled, and he put a fine point on the lesson. There can be no mistake now; Swatyy back.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

From the game eve online, and my last eve video for a while… A nice little video of a 10 man arbitrator “lol op” that was believed to be doomed to fail but actually worked out very nicely, inflicting close to a bil worth of damage throughout the night. Highlight includes the battle of tama station, and other misc. ganks. Featuring Monolithic, Devious Decorum, and one guy from Atheist Syndicate. Enjoy Music Credits Steve miller band – jet airliner Rick Derringer – Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo