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EVE Online Jove battleship 2009

I was on the test server in my nighthawk when CCP undocked a Jove Battleship. Obviously the first thing to do is try and shoot it. Stunning ship FTW!!! Hope you enjoy

EVE Online Dominix vs Dominix+Crusader+Megathron

I’d lost a ship to the Domi pilot before so I wanted to really test my new Domi fit to see if it would work this time round. Long tussle between him and me and slowly more WT’s came and well….yeah… But on the plus side great battle and after scrambling my pod they let it go. Honour between men is still in EVE. Killmail: Victim: KXXXXX Corp: IXXXXXXX Alliance: None Faction: NONE Destroyed: Dominix System: XXXXX Security: 0.8 Damage Taken: 56707 Involved parties: Name: KXXXXXXX Security: 0.9 Corp: UXXXXXXX Alliance: None Faction: NONE Ship: Dominix Weapon: Ogre II Damage Done: 36904 Name: DXXXXXXX (laid the final blow) Security: -1.81 Corp: UXXXXX Alliance: None Faction: NONE Ship: Megathron Weapon: Ogre II Damage Done: 14413 Name: TXXXXXXX Security: -0.5 Corp: UXXXXXX Alliance: None Faction: NONE Ship: Crusader Weapon: J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I Damage Done: 5390

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Amarrian Heir Uriam Kador of the Kador Family launched a suprise attack on the Gallente Federation system of Ratillose in the system of Solitude. The Gallente Federation responded en masse with multiple battlegroups and a Erebus titan launching a Aurora Ominae doomsday class weapon. Remnants of Heir Uriam Kadors fleet made a hasty and disorganized retreat back to Amarr held space. Empress Jamyl I issued a public apology to the Gallente Federation for the unsanctioned attack. The Kador Family’s surviving ships were appropriated under by Empress Jamyl I into the 7th fleet of the Amarrian Imperial Navy by invocation of a decree by former Emperor Heideran VII which prohibited Heir families from obtaining and utilizing military assets. Many have questioned why the once pro-Gallente Uriam Kador would have engaged in a military offensive against the Gallente Federation. This was the first major military victory of the Gallente Federation since the Caldari State launched a massive offensive and successfully retook Caldari Prime from the Gallente Federation.

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Of Fountains, Clowns, and Birthdays

I forgot to put WI.’s logo in. I am a complete ass :( Special thanks: The FRAPsers who shall not be named, for taking themselves away from the fight to make pretty shots instead of getting on as many killmails as possible DurrHurrDurr, who spent all night with me working on a video that wound up not getting made at all Imperian and Morsus Mihi for helping us grind through a dizzying number of structures without killing ourselves. Goonswarm Federation for being the best big brother internet spaceships can provide All of our Fountain bros Songs: The Beginning Of The End (Version by Tkivo: ) The Look by Roxette and the rallying cry of SirMolle; it wasn’t very effective but we still enjoyed listening

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Hurricane BC – EvE Online

I collected some in-game footage and tried to combine it to a short film introducing the minmatar battlecruiser ‘Hurricane’. This ship is a new addition with the EvE-Online Expansion ‘Revelations’. The film shows the ship on a short and easy mission. I used Fraps to film it, the music is from the eve-online homepage and part of the game-soundtrack. the video was composed with M$ movie maker. The video is a bit poor and was a mere experiment :D

Eve Online : Clear Skies Part 4 of 4

Eve Online : Clear Skies Part 4 of 4 A story about an Eve Online character John Rourke who just had repairs done to his ship and then needs money, so his crew and him agree to transport “Mr. Smith” for 000000 isk … so begins the story. uploaded by dasfry *** Credits*** Produced by Jan Chisholm Characters Jan Chishom as John Rourke Rickhie Powles as Solomon Burk John Guthrie as Charlie Fodder Dan Ellis as Mr. Smith Robert Brian Duff as Raven Captain Mark Kindell as Cormark Darren Blake as Station Repair Technician Mark Germany as Haffa Andy Carter as Raven Crew 1 Brett Hawkins as Raven Crew 2 Fay Wheeler as Station Radio Written by Jan Chishom and Richie Powles -Dasfry Check out my Military Tactics Page

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Alevel 5 mission from EvE Online called “The Big Sting (2/3)”. Flying a Tengu … Strategic Cruiser. —————————— Eine Level 5 Mission von EvE Online genannt “?” (Sorry… Weis ich nicht). Geflogen mit einer Tengu … Strategischer Kreuzer. —————————— Other Parts from this series can you see here: Part 1: Stage 1 Part 3: Stage 2 – Right Gate —————————— A video from my series “EvE Online – Level 5 Missions”. Playlist found here if you want to check it out: —————————— Stage 2/Left Gate as title says. Solo flight without any support from friends or ALT-Characters. Missiontime total: ~75min including all the warpin&warpout with various ships and looting the citizens from both stages. This time I fly my Tengu active shield tanked due to no energy neuts. The ship is full T2-Module fitted except the Shield Boost Amplifier. Thats a Navy one. I fitted also a Sensor Booster charged with a Range Script to avoid a little bit of incoming dampening. It was very interesting and very funny to fly it. :) And at least I wasnt as careful as in in “The Big Sting (1/3)”. *g* Enjoy… … “Dare to be bold, pilot” … ________________________________________ Comments, Ratings, what ever … are still welcome. Credits and detailed infos shown at the end of movie.

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