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Perimeter Solar System

Eve Online. PVE-event little review. Capsuleer’s versus Sansha pirate’s swarm :) Soundtrack – Remorse Code – Systain

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EVE Online – Kill Zone

Compilation of recorded combat footage between the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade.

Eve Online – How an Incursion looks like (graphics & interface)

Once you enter an incursed constellation, things will look different. Here’s a little lazy view on new interface features and some of the stuff you encounter right after hopping into an incursion. Note the depth effects, crazy godray shadows and color overlays. As for the storyline, nothing special at all, I’m just flying around, but if you haven’t made it to an incursion yet, you’ll see it’s worth turning on all your graphics effects. This is also a test of the maximum video quality possible on YouTube when using windowed EVE clients (1280×800 resolution) to see if it’s worth considering to upload fleet fights and such. For example, Sansha laser effects can cause massive video artefacts if using low bandwidth re-encoding. Music used in this video: Chotaire – Stay (Live Ambient Version) Original file size: 104.5mb AVI (XViD 2-Pass 3000kbit, 128k VBR MP3).

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EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 7 Ship I was using in this video is the Amarrian Logistics Class shiped called “Guardian”. ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Ushra’Khan vs HYDRA RELOADED

Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 Group Stage – Ushra’Khan vs HYDRA RELOADED Buy EVE Time Codes at

Eve Online – AT9 Day 1 Group Stage- Ushra’Khan vs Pandemic Legion Buy EVE Time Codes at

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