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EVE Online: Incursion The Kundalini Manifest

–First off, this video is low FPS and in low graphics setting, mainly due to the fact that i didn’t have all my cpu designated to EVE. (Also the system wasn’t ready for the amount of players, damn it CCP) — This is a quick glance of what an 80+ group of pilots can accomplish when they work together. It took about 30+ minutes for a fleet to form, and at least an hour before the messages of “X drake” and “fleet me” died down. I’m suprised there was even public fleets to begin with. Anyway, this is the fleet attaking the Sansha SuperCarrier: The Kundalini Manifest. Enjoy!

EVE Online – Incursion Login Screen Theme (&Pics)

The newest EVE online expansions login screen music. Maybe it’s a bit silent but I like it. :) I wiss Merry Christmas and Happy new Year for all EVE player. “May the PLEX be with you” :)

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EVE-Online | SISI:Mass Incursion Testing part 2 At (0:22) CCP Tanis was disclosing some general intel about Incursions. Ship I was using in this video is the Amarrian Logistics Class shiped called “Guardian”. ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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A Clash of Titans: World of Warcraft vs Eve Online (1/3)

This is my comparison of the two greatest mmo’s; World of Warcraft and EvE Online. Enjoy :) *Note this review has been done June 2010, game versions used: WoW-Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.3. and Eve Online –Tyrannis.

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How to get a FREE Eve Online 60 Day Membership/Subscription – Tried and Tested Working (July 2011)

Links and Written guide in description! 1. Sign up to PR 2. Confirm your account on your email (may be in spam folder) 3. Click “Get Points” and begin earning points (I forgot to say in the video but clear cookies before each offer.) 4. Earn points by completing as many free offers as you want 5. Redeem a 60 day Eve Online subscription 6. Enjoy unlimited Eve Online subscription! TIPS: 1. Clear Cookies before you carry out ANY OFFER. If you do not clear your cookies you are unlikely to be credited for different offers. I use a program called “Ccleaner” because it’s really easy and effective. You can find this at make sure you download this before you begin. 2. Check the “Recently credited” offers to find out which offers have been activer recently 3. Be patient. Some offers may not credit instantly, so wait a while, or try a different one. The biggest mistake is to be put off by an offer that doesn’t credit. 4. Use the Forums. The forums are the key to success. If you are finding it hard to earn points the forums will help you greatly. The community is really friendly and there are plently of guides out their to help you if you are stuck. 5. Get free stuff! At the end of the day you want to get free prizes. If you are lazy and can’t be bothered doing a few surveys, this isn’t for you. This isn’t a cheat or anything like that, you need to actually complete offers to get the stuff for free. Comment + Subscribe, Message if you are stuck!

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