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Garry’s Mod – My Ship self destructs! (Oh Noes!)

1x Ship 1x Nuke = … 1x Decent graphics card Made using a ship i build from scratch from SB3, Wiremod 3.. blah. blah. You know…. No you may not have a dupe of it… … its mine… and Evilbluesmarite’s, but he doesn’t count

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EVE Fanfest 2011: CCP Panel

EVE Fanfest 2011: CCP Panel. The Producers of EVE gather on the big stage to answer your questions.

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eve-online: stain removal

This video was not created by me it was downloaded by me from the official eve online site and i have uplaoded it to youtube out of the kindness of my heat :)

EvE Online Demo1

Eve online pvp footage done by one of our members, MadDog.

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Eve Online – AT8 Day 6 – Rote Kapelle v HYDRA RELOADED

Alliance Tournament 8 – Day 6 Last 16 – Fight 1 – Rote Kapelle v HYDRA RELOADED