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EVE Online – Gurista Spies, The LVL4

Fighting alone in a LVL4 Mission called The Gurista Spies LVL4 Fitting: High: 7x Meta4 425mm Large Railguns Med: 1x Meta4 Xlarge Shield Booster 2x Shield Hardener T2 2x Cap Recharger T2 1x Meta4 Shield Boost Amplifier Low: 5x Cap Recharger T2 Rigs: 3x CCC Rigs T1

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EvE Online Halaima Orca Fleet – Hulkageddon III

Hulkageddon III in EvE Online – A fleet assembles in Halaima and takes down an Orca in Kamio on July 11, 2010.

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NC. vs Black Star Alliance 9DQW-W

NC. engages a sniper bs gang with snipe hacs on a gate for a few kills

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EVE Online – Character Creation Fun

EVE is a game that I have enjoyed since about 205 on various accounts. Possibly because CCP is one letter away from CCCP. Either way their new character creation is kinda cool in an ABP sort of way. So enjoy.

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EVE Online: Stainwagon killing IT Nyx

Stainwagon gang tackled and killed IT Nyx and 3 carriers during heavy roaming at Delve. Download HQ vid: KM: Soundtrack: Kaoma – Lambada

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