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Eve Online HD: Incursion Character Creation – Amarr ‘Khanid’ Female Trio

This is another video response for everyone who is concerned that there won’t be enough variation, using the base models – It won’t please everyone, but I’ve tried to show how easy it is to get different results. Unfortunately, beyond the new backgrounds, there hasn’t been a ‘New Content Build’ yet – they’re still tweaking the UI…… So, I’ve made three Khanid females, and placed them “side by side”, to see how different they’d look without really trying to be ‘different’, as such. The Character Creator is still in its test phases; so even more improvements can be expected (Soon™) All images and music are, and remain, the property of CCP – Used with permission.

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Eve Online pvp Because of Rook

Some hot Rook action with Project Nemesis and The Dark Horses Ships Flown: Rook

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EvE-Online Soundtrack (7/14)

Eve-Online Soundtrack…Do You Know Where You Are ?

EVE Online -A- takes back Catch

Early this morning/late last night we took GE-8JV back from The Initiative. 02:33:37 Notify An outpost formerly owned by Initiative Holding has been captured by The Collective Special thanks to our allies in C0VEN, Stain Empire, Red Overlord, En Garde, Cascade Imminent, Dirt Nap Squad and Atlas.

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EVE Online – Sovereignty Takeover – PVP

Pandemic Legion invades and takes a Damu’Khonde system.