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EVE Online Sightseeing – Rare places few have seen

A compilation of some rare, amazing, strange and beautiful places that some people may have missed seeing while playing EVE Online.

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GC 10: EVE Online interview

GRTV cornered Arnar Gylfason from CCP to find out more about the latest controversies surrounding their space-MMO EVE Online and to discuss the serious business that is Internet spaceships.

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Eve Online – How we like to deal with macro miners

Here it is! The definitely final version of this video. Its some footage we took during a little attack on a group of macro miners in a high sec system. Overall we took down 6 Mackinaws (each about 182 million ISK) by sacrificing 3 Ravens (each about 100 million ISK)… but it worthe the fun :) And a special shout-out to FlyingDutchPro for his infos on the encoding of youtube videos! Thanks man… really made a big difference

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EvE-online – Faction Wars – Amarr Militia Skirmish

we were going to jump a Deimos then regroup (run like little girls) but there were more waiting on the other side of the gate, and more following us through!! during the fight we only lost our blackbird. Edit* there was also a hostile Hound i forgot to mention in the vid This is raw, with very little editing done, just added some music and some titles. Kept the voice chat on to give a sense of how the battle was going, and some rude words were said, so heres your warning. Songs Kasabian – Club foot The Prodigy – no good

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EvE Online – Shark Booty

Solo and fighting outnumbered. It’s a tribute to TooMuch BootyInThePants my favorite alt. Later in the video, I role play as a shark. This video was made because I was going through old fraps and found these fights. They aren’t great fights but I thought someone might like to see it.