2010 Lexus Commercial: “Pitch”

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25 Responses to “2010 Lexus Commercial: “Pitch””

  • yuusaku tanaka says:

    nothing beats it

  • Phished123 says:

    You’d be surprised what people buy. There are plenty of cars that cost of 500,000 that people have and will continue to buy. Especially when they are ‘limited edition’ cars. Lots of high-end sports car companies release super exclusive cars for extremely high prices. Lambo is quite fond of doing this.

  • darcman0 says:

    That voice is the same voice that does The Brain on Pinky and the Brain.

  • mazikka1 says:

    it broke but didn’t fall.?

  • lilrichd says:

    U gave if the price is a f****** rolls royce

  • weinerschnitzelboy says:

    There are people who have bought a Bugatti. A Bugatti costs 1 million+. There are actually some people who own Bugatti’s Also, this is to show that Lexus can make more than just plain comfortable luxury cars. They can make on the the most acclaimed sports cars. It destroys their past rep.

  • XHAUSTchannel says:

    Hi, I really like this video. If you want to see some Car-Videos with 0-100 & and Exhaust Sounds go to my channel and tell me what you think

  • srs787 says:

    Who would advertise a $400,000 car that no one can afford.

  • XlopenX says:

    hearing the sound always puts a smile on my face

  • N9155E says:

    it should read gpm…

  • MusicOurWay says:

    i came here for maurice lamarche

  • ariewidodi says:


  • DrKaylaT says:

    dont hate

  • MrOhcock says:

    “Pitch” please, no one can afford it except the 1%..

  • aniki937 says:

    4.1 mpg :-D I love this car and Yamaha like a boss

  • AKs2dio says:

    Lexus 2010

  • 1mry says:

    Mark just be glad you can watch this! You’ll never own one or anything as nice as that, jealous kid.

  • acefadi6969 says:

    bmw=big money wasted.

  • raym5561 says:

    Sucks comercial bmw ///m power 4 ever

  • Kashmere1030 says:

    Wow, someone here sounds like a 10-year-old bully.
    There are other countries like Korea, Germany, Italy and now China entering and selling cars in the US market. So what is the problem? America sells their cars and lots of other products and services in many other countries, too, including Japan. You need to stop being so ignorant. You’re just embarrasing yourself really.
    By the way recalls do happen, whether it’s on a small or large scale. Ford just did recently. Look it up.

  • markn1937 says:

    only if you believe that owning a loser mobile is good for America! I’m not the one who drives a symbol of our trade deficit.your faith in American humanity declined when you decided to even consider owning a deathtrap made in asia. ps ignorence is part of owning a Lexus cause all you morons care about is the loser symbol in the grill. Cheap overpriced toyota.

  • ARMR777 says:

    Looks like an interesting car but statistics and fancy commercials mean nothing. I like to see this car perform against something like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and see if Lexus can truly say that they’re in the pursuit of perfection.

  • byAudiQuattro says:

    It’s that wonderful tenor of the V10 again!!! :D

  • jjorge2000 says:

    can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky
    like shooting stars

  • jjorge2000 says:


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