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Play Battlestar Galactica Online! — See play-bgo.tgn.tv — Free-to-play! BGO (Battlestar Galactica Online) launched today in open beta! This is the first impressions gameplay review by Moia with TGN.TV To play BGO, visit http =-=-=-= Become a TGN Director! ▶ TGN.TV – Get more views! tgn.tv Get MORE WoW! http Get MORE game news! news.tgn.tv DANG Discover an Awesome New Game! games.tgn.tv Visit Stratics! http

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “★ BGO Gameplay – First impressions! (Battlestar Galactica Online) – Moia + TGN.TV”

  • powellcorey13 says:

    add or there just fags

  • Lichman12 says:

    You sound like the doctor from the series lol

  • DinkiDiDude says:

    oh ffs…………

  • Aziemut says:

    thanks for that,I do get out often.

  • Becoded says:

    You should get out more out more dude.

  • Aziemut says:

    We play as femmes cause we’re not gay of course.
    I use feme chars just to see their butt and boobs. and just upgrade better clothing to look hotter.

  • Soho1977 says:

    u mad bro?

  • Soho1977 says:

    Some of us love starring at the female ass rather than the other..

  • jey25z says:

    eve and this are apart the pvp is different …and this is free to pay eve is not

  • ringosis says:

    Highly anticipated? You mean completely unheard of?

  • SharrkyX says:

    No, only on the station where you get missions.

  • A7xFTWJoseph says:

    I have a couple of questions on this game: Can you leave your ship and explore planets and whatnot, and can you level or rank up and get new “skills” and other stuff?

  • utubepredator says:

    you obviously did not understand what i meant to say. it’s about ‘petting’ a virtual identity of themselves. if that’s still unclear for you, sorry.

  • trimod100 says:

    this game…..

  • TripLxChaos says:

    you obviously know nothing about video games hun. people make female characters in video games to role play the character feel that they are immersed into the world of the game. if you wanted a pet, play sims or that DS game with puppies.

  • TripLxChaos says:

    i know someone who chooses female’s more so than male’s whos not gay. i asked him the same thing. he says customization. most of these games dont have a lot of it but when they do the females usually have a lot of cooler looking stuff then the guys, or the guys look overblown and retarded in it and his quote “if hes gotta look at somethin while playin a game it might as well not be an eye sore”

  • piemanization says:

    E. They’re bored.

  • 1506Eddy says:

    One word… EVE
    Accept no imitations. :p

  • rokikshasas says:

    Yeah but it resembles one.

  • ZiggysRevenge says:

    Its not a real girl for fuck sake..

  • links4737 says:

    Why are u a girl??????

  • crazyjak56 says:

    Choose from one of these four choices
    A. They’re losers without girlfriends
    B. They’re massive perverts
    C. They wanna see fake boobs swing
    D. It’s the only eyecandy they see in their lives
    Hint: There’s no wrong answer.

  • utubepredator says:

    But it can be fun to chat to a ‘girl’ avatar then watch their behaviour and prove them their not really females… 

  • utubepredator says:

    Also, for some ppl an avatar is like a pet, rather than an alter ego, since they need to care for a character. It’s probably those guys in their 30+ who still have no family.
    Dont ask :D

  • utubepredator says:

    Why do dudes take female avatars? Because the same dudes have no flesh-n-bone female in their life, or else they’d have no time for bsgo. Or because the same dudes were once curious how it must ‘feel’ as a girl, which doesn’t make gay, but tranny at most.
    What about gals who take male avatars? same thing.

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