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8 Responses to “▶ EVE Online – Gameplay review! – TGN.TV”

  • McBlemmen says:

    omg i am subscribed to TGWNworldofwarcraft but i play eve , i randomly typed in “TGN eve” and almost yelled “yes” when i saw that it actually existed

  • shaun2312 says:

    I want to start playing this game, I’ve had two trials and just couldn’t get into it. I’m starting another trial now and watching your vids

  • SCjake333 says:

    well, if you want any guidance, i set up a corp yesterday, weve all been playing for years, and we can help you. we basically aim at making as much isk as possible whilst having fun, and guiding people how to do the same.

    My name is the same ingame, and the corporation is: “Brothers on EVE”.
    If youre interrested, i’m a pm away.

  • Fuplomacy says:

    Then, take the frigate back to base, return with the badger, open the container, load up, return to base. Drop off the ore, get your miner and head back to the bookmark. This is the best way to solo mine in high sec that I have found and means you will mostly avoid “can flipping” which cost me my first pod death :> I only started EVE this year on the 1st january and im loving it, if any of this needs clarification gimme a shout.

  • Fuplomacy says:

    Get hold of a large secure container for your badger, go to your asteroid belt, find a space 5k distance from an asteroid/within 10km of the asteroid you want to mine. Set the password on the container and anchor it and then make sure to bookmark it. Then return to your base, get your mining ship, warp to the bookmark you have made. Then, open the containter (using the password) and your mining ships cargohold, put the ore you mine directly into the container. Bam, youve got 3.5k m3 ore.

  • 24hellish says:

    just a quick one dude ….. if your gunna do mining its a good idea to BookMark a mining spot rather than warppin into the warp in point on a belt .. especaly once you get into a better mining ship … (retriever/hulk) …. to make a BM open your people an places tab under char sheet tab an its in there

  • TRicey9779 says:

    LOL at subtitles and nice video can you make some more?

  • ploothable says:


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