Установка Eve Online на Linux OpenSuSE 12.2

установка на совершено голую сусе единственное что сделал это настроил сетку поставил программки для записи мувика и навел порядок на рабочем столе извиняюсь за плохое качество мувика видео гайды делаю в первыи

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After weeks of kicking the crap out of CVA and friends with fast heavy hitting ships, The New Eden Renegades stop getting fights out of their demoralized enemy. To solve the problem, .NER. change their tactics to BRAWLMODE and bring out the prototype weapon codenamed “Trolololcats.” With no practice the Heros of New Eden throw themselves into a battle where they are outnumbered and out gunned. Unlike most of New Eden’s population today they stayed to the end taking to their motto “THIS CAN ONLY END WELL.” Eve Online

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